Blue Tap Logo

Designing the brand identity for Blue Tap: a social enterprise using 3D printing to bring safe drinking water to urban dwellings in developing countries.


Brand Identity, Logo Design, Brand Asset Management


January 2017 - February 2017

Mission Statement

“We believe that everyone deserves water that's safe to drink. We believe that helping locals create sustainable businesses is the best way to pull people out of poverty.”

Brand Tone of Voice


Social Enterprise Charity

A strong emphasis on their journey as a social enterprise/charity and Blue Tap's impact on the people who use it.


Simple and Clear

Instantly recognisable. Come across as a training and guidance team with a product which greatly improves the water quality inexpensively.


Adaptable across Touch-points

The logo needed to work across a range of different mediums, such as web, mobile and printed assets.

Blue Tap Brand Identity

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