Final Year Design Project: an intelligent 3-vessel hot sauce fermentation kit encouraging healthy and safe fermentation for chilli-enthusiasts.


Product Design, Industrial Design, Embedded Systems Design, Model-making, UX/UI Design, Logo/Branding Design


September 2017 - May 2018 (final year major project)

Reinvigorating Fermentation & Authenticity

"There’s an opportunity to combine probiotic-rich fermentation with the multitude of health benefits that chillies offer"

The Opportunity


Growing 'Wellness' Market

Sharp increase in the consumption of supplements and so-called ‘superfoods’. Opportunity to reinvigorate an old but proven method.


Chilli Reputation

Known for their fiery kick and piquancy, chillies have also been proven to provide anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory properties.


Fermentation Flaws

Battling the stigma around fermentation and making it trusted, safe and an effective way to obtain key health benefits.

Key Features

Nutribullet compatibility for easy mashing

The Polycarbonate open-ended vessel is compatible with the Nutribullet 600, 900 and Pro series of blenders. Users can blend and ferment in the same vessel, without the need to transfer from container to container.

Experiment with multiple ferments

The three vessels gives the user the option to explore exotic recipes and produce smaller batches. The user can also tweak the ingredients or Infusion Filter aromatics for each vessel to achieve subtle flavours.

Infusing flavours using aromatics

The magnetically attached Infusion Filter makes it easy for the user to incorporate aromatics into their ferments to add depth and flavour. This allows the user to add a subtle hint of barrel-aged goodness without the need for the barrel itself.

Interactive LED Lighting Feedback

The LED rings convey important information through colour and interaction. As an example, when viewing the pH level, the colours shown would correspond to the colours of Litmus paper.

How it works

The user finds the perfect hot sauce recipe through the ‘Discover’ feature on the app. When following the recipe, the user adds aromatics to the Infusion Filter. This is magnetically attached to the Bottom Capsule and screwed onto the vessel.

Chopped ingredients are then added and the contents is blended using a compatible Nutribullet blender. The Smart Lid, containing the Fermentation Gate and Probe, is screwed onto the vessel, sealing it ready for fermentation.

The vessel is connected to the Main Base using twist and release magnets. The LED ring pulses to indicate a successful connection. The user can set a ferment timer manually using the tap controls, or using the timer selector within the app. The monitored fermentation process begins!

Functional Prototype

The functional prototype shows the functionality of the monitoring aspect of the product (pH, Scoville Heat Unit and temperature), as well as key interactions with the touch sensors and LED rings. Essentially, the functional prototype represents how the user would interact with the product manually to: select a ferment time, check-in on particular ferments by cycling through key characteristics, and receive alerts and notifications.

Aesthetic Model

Capsi App

The dedicated Capsi app was developed to enrich the experience of using the product, enabling users to explore thousands of fermented hot sauce recipes, as well as use the bespoke ‘Discover’ feature to find recipes based on their current taste preferences. The app also incorporates machine learning to create a custom Flavour Profile, offering personalised suggestions based on a user’s onboarding answers, search history and sauce making history. Moreover, the app directly connects to the Capsi product, allowing key ferment characteristics of all the vessels to be monitored at the user’s convenience.

Wireframes were created in Sketch to block-out key features and create the structural UI. These wireframe flows would form the basis of the user testing scenarios created using Invision.

The wireframes were implemented into a clickable Invision prototype. As the user progressed through the specific journeys, the ‘thinking out loud’ technique was used so that feedback could be given in real-time about specific issues. The wireframes were updated corresponding to the feedback from the user testing.

High Fidelity Designs

Discover thousands of fermented hot sauces recipes

The Discover feature allows the user to search and find exotic recipes based on three factors: heat, fruitiness, and smokiness. Each radial slider can be adjusted to present real-time results.

Distinct Flavour Profile for personalised suggestions

The bespoke onboarding experience aims to build up a distinct ‘Flavour Profile’ of the user, informing personalised recipe suggestions based on the users preferences.

Easily monitor and maintain active ferments

Instilling confidence by tracking vital characteristics such as pH level, Scoville Heat Unit rating and ferment time, enabling the user to create consistently high quality hot sauces.

Illustrated recipe guides to achieve perfection

Each recipe has an illustrated guide, allowing the user to easily follow each recipe and create the perfect fermented hot sauce everytime!

Want to see more?

Capsi Brand Identity

A distinctive brand name and identity were created to appeal to the high-end target market. The line logo is made up of two chillies with a gradient fill. The ‘Hot Sauce Alchemy’ tagline is justified through the ability to experiment with three vessels and infuse flavours using aromatics.