An IoT golf ball tracker that allows golfers to analyse their practice sessions by tracking the shape, flight and distance of golf balls and sending this data to a dedicated smartphone app.


Product Design, Industrial Design, Model-making, UX/UI Design


September 2015 - December 2015 (10 week university project)

Protracer Ball Tracking Technology

“Protracer is limited to practice ranges. There was an opportunity for a portable golf ball tracking device”

The Opportunity


PGA Tour Exclusive

Protracer technology is widely used on the PGA Tour meaning that it is exclusive to elite golfers.


Protracer Ranges

There are only a few Protracer ranges dotted around America. Not everyone is in reach of them.


Zepp Golf

The Zepp Golf IoT product offers in-depth swing analysis. There is no focus on the ball flight and distance.

Key Features

Precise golf ball tracking for advanced golfers

A portable golf ball tracking device that tracks the shape, flight and distance of golf balls. The highly accurate built-in tracking camera and GPS functionality combine to serve up the most relevant data and visual analytics.

Visual results and analysis through the dedicated app

The app builds up a golfer profile displaying key stats and charts such as 'shot-by-shot distance' and ’longest shot'. The user can delve into how they've progressed with certain clubs, allowing progression and improvement areas to be highlighted.

Modern and refined aesthetic for the contemporary golfer

The glossy white finish combined with the cool matte grey adheres to a clean and refined aesthetic. The presence of the lime green accent colour highlights key components whilst also matching the golfing surroundings.

How it works


Select a Club

With the device placed 2m behind. Select the club within the app before starting the practice session.


Start Practice Session

Start the practice session. Remember, practice makes perfect!


In-depth Analysis

Visual statistics to highlight strengths and weaknesses, enabling golfers to improve.

Condor App

The user can select a club before beginning their practice session. The 'previous session' card displays key stats about that particular club.

The visual shot screen displays every shot on one screen. The download button would process this information into a PDF format.

The analysis screen improves as the product is used regularly. It visually displays individual practice sessions or the general trend of a golfers game.

Users would receive weather warning notifications to alert them on potential weather threats during their practice sessions.

Appearance Model